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This function uses gmail to automatically notify all maintainers of revdeps that have failures with the new version of the package. The form of the email is fixed, but it uses template parameters so that you can control the details: set the variables in revdeps/email.yaml. You'll be prompted to review the template before any emails are sent; or you can use revdep_email_draft() to see a draft version.


  type = c("broken", "failed"),
  job_name = cloud_job(pkg = pkg),
  pkg = ".",
  packages = NULL,
  draft = FALSE



Type of problems to notify about; either "broken" (i.e. there is a new R CMD check failure that did not currently occur) or "failed" (i.e. the check failure either during installation or because of a timeout).


The job name, as returned by cloud_check().


Path to package.


A character vector of package names. Use this if some emails failed to send in the previous round. If omitted uses all packages.


If TRUE, create a gmail draft rather than sending the email directly.


To use this function, you'll need to give the gmailr app authority to send emails from gmail. To revoke that authority, delete the .httr-oauth file created in your working directory.