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Running reverse dependencies in the cloud

revdepcheck now supports running reverse dependencies in the AWS cloud, via a suite a functions all prefixed with cloud_*(). This service is currently only available to be used by RStudio employees, but we hope to offer this service for the broader R community in the future.


Set the RSTUDIO_CLOUD_REVDEP_KEY environment variable to the value of your cloud authentication key, provided to you by RStudio DevOps. Add this key to your .Renviron file with usethis::edit_r_environ() and restart R.


Note If you are going to be running 500+ tests and are using a development dependency (e.g. Remote: org/pkg) you may exhaust the GitHub API limits. A workaround is to use a ‘url’ remote, e.g. Remote: url::, which does not use the GitHub API.

# Kickoff a new check
# The devel package is automatically built from the current
# working directory, or specify a pre-built package with `tarball`.

# Follow current status of the job

# Cancel a job

# Retrieve results (if needed) and show a summary

# Retrieve results (if needed) and generate a markdown report

# Retrieve details of a specfic package
cloud_details(, "pkgXYZ")

# Plot running time for each package in a job

# Email maintainers with failures

# Retrieve packages that broke in a given job

# Open a web browser to the AWS job pane for the current job

# Open the browser to the AWS job for a particular package
# Useful for debugging why a particular job failed
cloud_browse(package = "xyz")

The functions all keep track of the most recently submitted job_id, so assuming you only have one job in a given R session you can call the functions without additional parameters. Provide the job_id explicitly otherwise, results write to revdep/{job_id}.

The cloud_*() functions assume your current working directory is in the root directory of the package you are trying to run reverse dependencies for. If this is not the case all cloud_*() functions take a pkg parameter, so you can specify a different directory if needed.