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revdepcheck (development version)

  • cloud_check(r_version = "4.3.1") is the updated default (#361).

  • cloud_check() gains the ability to check Bioconductor packages via a new bioc argument, with a default of FALSE due to a relatively high likelihood of failed checks since Bioconductor system dependencies are currently not installed in the cloud check service (#362, #369).

  • updated pkgdown template and url to

  • cloud_check() gains the ability to add additional packages as the source of reverse dependencies.

  • cran_revdeps() now accepts multiple packge names.

  • cloud_results() gains a progress bar so you can see what’s happening for large revdep runs (#273)

  • cloud_report() can opt-out of saving failures, and saves the CRAN report the same way as revdep_report() (#271).

  • revdep_report() now saves the results of revdep_report_cran() to revdep/ (#204)

  • Exported revdep_report() to write the current results to and

revdepcheck 1.0.0

First public release.