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You can use these functions to get intermediate reports of a revdep_check() running in another session.


revdep_report_summary(pkg = ".", file = "", all = FALSE, results = NULL)

revdep_report_problems(pkg = ".", file = "", all = FALSE, results = NULL)

revdep_report_failures(pkg = ".", file = "", results = NULL)

revdep_report_cran(pkg = ".", file = "", results = NULL)

revdep_report(pkg = ".", all = FALSE, results = NULL)



Path to package.


File to write output to. Default will write to console.


Whether to report all problems, including the ones that were already present in the old version of the package. This potentially generated a lot of output, most of which was irrelevant, so they are omitted by default, and only problems seen with the new version of the package are reported.


Cached results from db_results(). Expert use only.


revdep_report_summary() writes the contents of, by default to the console. This is handy to quickly inspect the (current) list of problematic packages.